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Learning Hub Inquiry Goal Setting

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Learning Objective: To focus by defining evidence-informed goals
Semester 1: 2017

What is your goal? What do I want to change, but never do? What do I want to do / see / approach differently?
I want to be more responsible in my learning in that i need to learn how to focus and do more work at home because this will make it easier to work at school. I also need to listen so i know what i'm doing in my work
How do you know?
What personal data / feedback do you have that suggests that this should be a goal?
my work at school would be much easier if i tried to complete most of it while i was at home, this will give me more time on extra / new work i wish to complete i know this because i have finished alot of my work at home before and it made my school work easier

If i become more responsive and purposeful with my time it would mean that my time can go into things that need it like projects instead of normal school work which doesn't take long unless i'm mucking around
Why this goal?
Why do you care about this goal? Why does it matter to you? What are the implications for you if you make a change?
Because it would make my life better in the way that my credits would be easier to obtain.

Because time is everything and if i use my time more resourcefully then i won't have to worry about what i have not finished because itll already be finished
What is the impact of what you are currently doing? How does it affect you? Who else does it affect? What are the short term implications? What might be the long term implications?
It will affect me because without this focus i could possibly not pass ncea. It will affect whoever i work with because i will understand the work which means i will be able to do most of the work. The short term implications is that i won't have as much stress on me in class. Long term implications will mean i have a better relationship with teachers and i will pass ncea.

My school life will continue on being difficult because if i don't change this goal i will continue to argue with teachers which just makes both of our lives harder so if i do change it i won't have to worry about what teacher the class has i will just focus on the work
What is happening at the moment?
What are you currently doing / not doing that is working in opposition of your goal?
I am not picking classes just because my friends are in them which makes it easier for me to concentrate
I am picking classes i like which makes it much easier to focus if i enjoy the class
I'm not swearing in the last few weeks so that i have nothing bad in my kamar report at the end of the week
I am listening to the teaches and if they say something i do it straight away so that there is no conflict
What patterns and trends do you notice in what you are currently doing? What is consistently getting in the way of your success? What excuses do you give all the time for not achieving this goal?
I am consistently getting out of focus which is making me distracted so that i barely get any work done, i also make excuses for not doing my work when i am supposed to like i will say i need some air and just walk out even tho i don't do that henny more which is good but it used to really hurt my learning.

I am always blaming people like at home i blame my sisters for every thing which i need to stop and at home i don't blame anyone for anything unless they actually did something
What does it appear that I am most committed to?
Looking at what I am doing, what does it appear that I am most commitment to? What hidden commitments might I have?
I am committed to not swearing at school so that i don't get lots of negative in my kamar report

I have been working on my goal a lot recently but i used to swear in class which got me into arguments with the teachers so i stopped swearing because there is no point in staring pointless arguments with teachers.
What assumptions might I be operating from?
What big assumptions underpin my hidden or competing commitments? Why do I do what  I do? Why might I do what I do?
I assume that if i work harder in class it will be easier for me in the fact that teachers will notice and will give me better reports and look at my work more seriously

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